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Top Retail Trends For The New Year

Retail has had a somewhat tumultuous time over the past few years, with busy shopping periods intermixed with times when brick-and-mortar establishments could not be used at all, and times when customers were not on the high street.

Predicting what is ahead for retail establishments and commercial retail maintenance, therefore, is a somewhat tricky endeavour, but here are some of the top retail trends to expect in the new year.

Sales Did Not Stall The Way Anyone Expected

Overall, customer sales actually remained strong in 2021 despite somewhat grim forecasts, and when stores were allowed to open, they were commonly somewhat busy, highlighting that whilst many more people are shopping online, the retail experience is still very appealing.

Part of the reason for this is that people opted to spend money intended for travel on gifts, home improvement and hobbies, and depending on how 2022 pans out, this is likely to continue over the next year.

Safety Is Key With Physical Stores

Whether it takes the form of hygiene stations, one-way systems, social distancing or prioritising contactless payments and self-checkouts, consumers are still prioritising safety and will reward businesses that put the wellbeing of their staff and customers first.

The Rise of Multi-Channel Retail

Ever since online shopping has moved from a niche concern to the mainstream, we have seen an ever-gradual merging of the two main shopping channels, with brick-and-mortar stores integrating an increasing number of online services, and branding being consistent across all channels.

Having support for click-and-collect, free shipping, the ability to order specialised items to a particular store and adding support for social media shopping systems have all helped to merge the digital and physical shopping spaces together.