Which Retailers Are Investing In Customer Experience?

Many retailers are seeing the value in investing in their customer experience by transforming their stores, in a bid to increase sales and boost business.

These days, retail success relies heavily on brand experience and shop maintenance, with stores trying to provide customers with well-maintained premises, iconic branding, and engagement with the consumer. 

For instance, Apple stores are big on brand experience, allowing visitors to have a go on their devices, while looking sleek, sparse and modern at the same time. 

Other brands are trying to emulate a similar experience for their customers and boost their sales by doing so. 

For instance, electronics store Currys is planning on transforming 65 stores, including ones in Aberdeen Garthdee, Grantham, and Bristol Winterstoke, to include a wider selection of its products, a better in-store mobile area, improvements to support members of staff, and more space for customers to enjoy.

It hopes these changes will “enhance customer experience”. 

Waitrose also wants to make shopping more enjoyable for its consumers and is spending nearly £1 billion in upgrading 80 of its stores. 

It is planning on “revamping and doubling down on our counter and our service proposition”, as well as make stores brighter and more engaging. 

John Lewis is also intending to double the size of beauty halls and add technological enhancements such as headsets in 160 of its stores. 

After spending £480 million opening 20 new premises last year, M&S will spend a further £30 million in its London shops. 

This will include opening and expanding food halls in some of its shops, such as having bigger in-store bakeries, adding flower and wine stores, and introducing click-and-collect facilities to make it easier for consumers to shop quickly and efficiently.