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5 Top Tips To Modernise The Customer Experience

If you own a retail store then you’ll know just how important it is to modernise your space whenever it’s looking and feeling a little tired or outdated.

Customers are looking for more than just good products and will base their shopping decisions on many different factors – one of which is likely to be your store.

If your retail space is cluttered, worn out and old-fashioned, you may struggle to get people through the door, let alone buy your products! But by modernising your shop you can create a fresh and inviting atmosphere for customers, promoting a sense of relevance and attracting their attention in a competitive market.

In this blog post, we’ll give you some valuable tips for updating your retail space. Follow our guidance and hopefully, you can turn your store into a truly contemporary space that’s ready to appeal to the modern-day shopper.

Offer Products Online

For retail stores that are doing well, it can be tempting to eschew the additional work involved with offering their products online. However, these businesses may be missing a trick by failing to tap into a massive revenue stream.

Research shows that around a quarter of all our purchases are now made online, with shoppers enjoying the speed and convenience it offers. As our lives and behaviours become increasingly dominated by the digital realm, these numbers are only set to increase.

Moreover, many customers have come to expect products being offered on your website. It’s 2024 after all! So if your competitors are selling online, they’ll automatically have an advantage over you.

So if you aren’t currently selling your products online, fix this immediately as not only will it bring in more revenue but it’ll also provide a better customer experience.

Accept Card/Mobile

As well as having a website, something else customers have come to expect in this digital age is card and mobile payment.

Some businesses still refuse to jump on board with card payments due to the fees involved. In truth, it’s easy to sympathise with this view as payment providers can take up to six percent for these transactions, which over the course of a year will represent a significant loss.

Having said that, although card payments will take up a small portion of your revenue, by failing to offer this option to customers, it’s likely you’re missing out on much more than just six percent.

Many people these days don’t carry cash. Indeed, we’re not a million miles away from becoming a cashless society, so by failing to offer card or mobile payment, you’re potentially preventing many customers from shopping with you.

So if you’re one of the businesses that have held out, it’s probably time to bite the bullet and offer card payments as it’ll attract more business and mean customers don’t need to run to the nearest cash machine to pay for products – if they’ve remembered their card, that is!

Update Interiors

Let’s face it, we live in a fickle world and what was once hip and trendy is now yesterday’s news. Sadly this often applies to interior design, which is why businesses with shops need to keep their retail space looking fresh to stay on-trend and inviting.

As well as helping attract customers to come into your store, having a modern, appealing space will help foster a sense of comfort and make them want to stay for longer. And as any self-respecting retailer will know, the longer a customer stays in a store, the more chance there is of them making a purchase!

So regular retail maintenance and updates can keep your space looking fresh, which will only encourage customers to enter and stay in your store.

Social Areas

If you don’t have any social spaces then this is another way to modernise your retail store.

Add some comfortable seating, a water cooler for those particularly hot days and Wi-Fi so people can browse while in store.

Kids can get bored easily, especially if they’re in stores browsing items they have zero interest in! So for parents who are shopping in your store with their children in tow, it makes sense to add a social area where they can relax or play some games.

This will prevent the children from getting bored and complaining to their parents, which should make the whole family’s shopping experience more enjoyable, maximising the chances of them buying some of your products.

Puzzles, colouring books or board games are sure to keep the kiddies entertained. Or if you’re really looking to push the boat out, you could invest in a games console – if there’s something that’s guaranteed to keep children entertained it’s a PlayStation or Xbox!

Update Store Signs

Your store’s exterior plays a crucial role in attracting passing trade and your shop sign is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of all.

A stylish modern sign is crucial for bringing in passersby as it helps set a good initial impression, demonstrating professionalism and a contemporary appeal to help draw in potential customers like a moth to a flame!

So those are our top tips for modernising your retail space. As you can see, some are more obvious than others, but these are all mistakes many businesses are still making, so it’s important to point out these common pitfalls that are holding many retailers back.

To recap, cater to the modern-day shopper by offering card payments, as well as the opportunity to buy your products online. You should also give your interior a makeover every few years to prevent your shop looking tired and outdated, while your shop sign should also be updated whenever it starts to look weary.

Lastly, adding a social area with relaxing seating and providing Wi-Fi can keep waiting friends or family entertained, maximising your chances of making a sale!