Keep Stores Well Maintained To Attract Father’s Day Customers

There are certain times during the year that shops really want to entice customers into their stores, so it is important to make sure everything is in top condition so they do not miss out on this retail opportunity. 

As well as the obvious, such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter, Father’s Day presents a chance for stores to make lots of money from customers wanting to purchase gifts, decorations or food and drink for the special occasion. 

GlobalData retail analyst Tash Van Boxel suggests stores should start putting out products for Father’s Day as soon as possible, as this will encourage consumers to buy more by picking up small gifts every time they go shopping. 

She told Retail Insight Network: “Most retailers do not market Father’s Day gifting and card options until close to the occasion, meaning that consumers are unlikely to start spending early and spread the cost.”

With Father’s Day falling on June 16th this year, stores do not have very long to make sure their products are on the shelves, their window displays showcase their gifts, food and wrapping, and their premises are properly maintained. 

This includes anything from redecorating certain parts of the shop to getting the air conditioning set up so customers are comfortable on hot days. 

Retail maintenance services can also make repairs to windows, electrics and shelving, and ensure lifts and escalators are working properly so the store is accessible to everybody.  

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