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6 Top Tips To Draw Passersby Into Your Store

With the continued rise of online shopping and COVID-19 turning our city centres into derelict ghost towns, it looked like the days of the high street were numbered. 

However, with the world returning to normal and more people now searching for a more social experience when shopping for their goods, it appears the high street is making a comeback

As more and more of our business moved online, high street stores have been forced to up their game, creating new and innovative ways to get customers coming back to their premises. 

In this blog post we’ll go over some of the best ways to increase footfall and, ultimately, drive up sales.

Enticing Window Displays

Nothing captures the attention of passing shoppers quite like an irresistible window display. This tactic has been used since as far back as the 18th century when stores first started to create alluring displays to draw in potential customers, and this strategy is just as popular today. 

The storefront can be used in a number of enticing ways, from showcasing your latest and greatest products to offering a window into your 

Advertise Promotions

Nothing entices shoppers quite like a good promotion or sale. Indeed, for some of us, taking advantage of an irresistible bargain is practically hardwired into our DNA!

Having said that, on the uber-competitive high street, it’s not simply a case of advertising any old promo and watching them flock inside. Instead, you’ll need to conjure up something appealing, as well as thinking carefully about how to advertise your promotion.

As well as the tried and tested method of printed, stick-on window graphics, try experimenting with other tactics such as sandwich boards and eye-catching banners.

The promos you put on, as well as the way you push them, will largely depend on the nature of your business. Thankfully there are many different  ways to promote your sales so get creative, mix it up and you should see more customers come through the door.

Inviting Lighting

No, we’ve not gone all poetic on you – getting creative with your lighting can make all the difference to your footfall. Lighting helps set the mood and can draw in (or turn away) some customers, so pay close attention to this crucial yet often underestimated detail.

Choose warm lighting that’s not too bright – yet still bright enough to make your products visible from the outside.

Lighting can also be used to create fun and exciting seasonal displays, although this obviously depends on your store and the aesthetic you’re looking to create.


Hosting events in your store creates a fun and exciting buzz, making it the perfect way to draw in curious shoppers.

There are various events you can host. For brands with a younger target market, you could try inviting a famous influencer or hiring a well-known DJ to spin a few tracks. This is sure to create some buzz and bring people to your store, who may well become loyal customers in the long run.

Exceptional Customer Experience

It’s no secret that offering a great customer experience keeps people coming back again and again. By offering enticing amenities like free Wi-Fi, refreshing beverages or comfortable seating areas, you can ensure everyone who walks into your store has a pleasant experience while increasing the chances of them staying for longer. 

Moreover, parents will be more likely to come to your store if they know their children won’t get bored while they take a look around, so keep this in mind as it could make a huge difference.

Click and Collect Services

We live in a fast-paced world where time is precious and convenience is key. These days, multiple delivery options is something customers don’t just want but expect and one of those is click and collect.

This allows them to place an order and collect it in store. As well as making their shopping experience more convenient and efficient, it’s a great way to get customers in store where they may get tempted to purchase more items! 

So those are our top tips for attracting more footfall into your store. With the high street making a comeback, if you own a physical store then now is the time to think about how you can get as many bodies through the door as possible. 

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