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Jigsaw To Open Three New Stores After Closing 30 In Pandemic

Jigsaw is hoping to make a big return this year, opening three new stores following closure of many of its retail outlets in 2020. 

According to The Times, the fashion business will launch sites in Manchester, and Islington and Kingston in London later this year. 

This follows the opening of a store at the Battersea Power Station shopping centre in the capital.

Beth Butterwick, chief executive of the retailer, said the plan is to set up 20 new sites over the next few years.

“We feel really positive about the role of stores. The high street has gone through a battering and some high streets are reshaping themselves. Going back into locations where we were before feels like the right thing to do,” she stated. 

In 2020, the business was forced to shut 30 of its 76 stores and let go of 200 members of staff after it was hit by the pandemic lockdowns. 

However, it managed to turn itself around and went from making a loss of £21 million in the 12 months to the end of January 2021 to a profit of £1.2 million the following year. 

Additionally, sales climbed from £38.7 million to £47.7 million during that period, and pre-tax losses dropped by £7.4 million from £8.7 million to £1.3 million. 

Following from its recent success, Jigsaw intends to open more stores in market towns and city centres.

Although customers are strapped for cash at the moment, recent government figures revealed retail sales volumes have actually increased lately, rising by 0.5 per cent in January 2023. 

To ensure it retains its appeal to customers, it is important new Jigsaw stores get on top of their retail maintenance once they open.