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The New Rules For Going Shopping

With non-essential retail reopening from Monday 12 April, it is expected that many people will be heading to the shops they missed the most, and once again be able to try on jeans, bras, suits, and other items of clothing that need a perfect fit. However, there will be new rules in place for shoppers.

The Mirror reports that customers will be asked to adhere to strict safety measure to be allowed entry into stores after many months of lockdown restrictions.

John Lewis, H&M and River Island are amongst those that have said fitting rooms will be open, although some chains have warned they could take several months to return due to overcrowding, staffing and administrative concerns.

The government guidance states that fitting rooms will need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected when they are reopened to the public, and there should be adequate breaks between the use of cubicles, and doors and curtains must be kept open the not in use.

Clothing that has been tried on should be steamed or put aside for several days to ensure germs are not passed on.

Primark said changing rooms will not reopen just yet, and Marks & Spencer have said the same, adding that shoppers would be able to book appointments for bra fitting in stores, where a member of staff will advise customers on how to measure themselves.

Only one person at a time will be allowed to use fitting rooms, and staff should be on hand to ensure social distancing and queues are managed.

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