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Can You Plan For Emergencies In Retail Premises?

A simple reality of retail premises is that things break. They may be damaged in accidents or vandalism, or they could simply suffer wear and tear, but in the end, you will need to have a plan in place for what to do in either situation.

The key question is what sort of approach you want to have in place. You could simply respond swiftly to a calamity by ordering in new fixtures, fittings, furniture, signage and other items.

Alternatively, you could have a plan in place that could, for instance, have orders placed well ahead of time in the knowledge that some items will wear out over time, or get some things in stock in a safe place ready to bring to the shop floor at very short notice if there is a sudden large incident.

The kind of event in question would include the sort that can impact business continuity, such as floods or fires. For example, the Flood Hub strongly recommends having such a plan in place for any business where premises might be affected this way.

As the pandemic showed, there are some firms for whom business continuity is a simpler matter because staff can just grab their laptops and work from home. A retail store is a different matter and the question is how prepared you are for tackling an emergency in which you will want to get things back up and running as soon as possible.

Other problems such as vandalism or widespread shoplifting can also be an issue on occasion, not least in areas where large groups may gather such as city centres or near sports grounds. Some of these may be one-off events, or frequent incidences of low-level damage.

By planning ahead, you can help ensure that in any scenario you can replace fixtures and furnishings to ensure your store is very quickly back in its best condition, ready to deliver the best in-store experience for shoppers once more.