Should you outsource facilities maintenance?

Free up resources / No more sweating the small stuff

Your in-house team is an expensive asset. In taking the small-scale, time-hungry tasks off their desks, you give them the space to focus on the key business drivers. Instead, you hand your maintenance tasks over to one, trusted point-of-contact who can look after the full umbrella. They will have the time and resources to compile a strategic store maintenance plan, allowing you to be as hands-on as you wish through regular reporting and access to Cloud monitoring for real-time info.

Increase life-span/ Better, for longer

When we adopt a reactive-only, rather than a predictive response to facilities maintenance, we risk the deterioration of our stores. Properly maintained equipment breaks down less often and functions better, increasing system longevity and leading to lower spends over time.

Minimise downtime/ Safe and sound

When an external team are available around the clock, 365 days a year, then maintenance will never be a reason for downtime. With clear and safe processes, you can meet your obligations and duty of care to your team and customers. Consistency is key to fostering brand trust. Never will this be more crucial than in a post-pandemic world, where a well maintained and clean store will drive more penetration and better conversions from longer dwell times.

Specialised expertise/ In good hands

Gone are the days of call-out fees, hourly rates and hidden extras from cowboys. Instead, a team of specialised experts are at your disposal. These are qualified experts who understand best practice, trends and technologies as much as the way retailers work and their needs. Aware of the latest regulations and legalities, they come with the correct insurances, process and passes to get the job done. Providing proper compliance records and O&M manuals, an outsourced facilities manager is a trusted pair of hands.

When Ø-Two implement an LED change-out programme throughout, we reduce both the frequency of planned maintenance visits and energy spending considerably in one hand. It takes just months for the change-out to pay for itself.

What’s it worth?

This is a budget you can keep to. You can set known and agreed costs and quality expectations with your outsourced facilities manager. A serviced level agreement will give you the surety and confidence that you are not being overcharged. Meanwhile, experienced managers will be able to provide accurate forecasting, stretching your budget across the whole year and taking seasonality into account. Moreover, by working with a maintenance business you can reap the benefits of the economies of scale, knowing that you won’t have to cover liabilities or personnel issues.

Case Study

When Ø-Two implement an LED change-out programme throughout we reduce both the frequency of planned maintenance visits and energy spending considerably in one hand. It takes just months for the change-out to pay for itself.

Next Steps

Find a facilities manager

Ask around your neighbours, peers and competitors for business recommendations and guidance on price. 

Manage your relationship

Have regular face-to-face meetings, challenging them to improve their service to you. 

ROI is quick when you choose the right partner, ask the right questions, and take the right action. So, is outsourcing your next investment?

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