French Polishing

Over time, your retail store is sure to start showing signs of wear and tear here or there, particularly on hard-wearing features of the space, such as the door handles, flooring, bannisters, doors, tables and staircases.


You might not think that customers will notice but the shabbier the space becomes the more likely it is that they’ll start making observations.


It’s important to make sure that your retail space reflects who you are as a brand and paying close attention to the details really tells your customers that you care about your business – and that you want to make a good impression, valuing their opinions as individuals and as clients.


The 0-Two Maintenance team are specialists in restoration and can provide experienced and professional onsite French polishing services for any wooden surface. 


French polishing itself is a finishing technique that leaves surfaces with a stunning high gloss finish, with a beautiful deep colour and reflective properties. It is incredibly eye-catching and can really help bring spaces to life. The process involves applying thin layers of shellac melted in denatured alcohol to surfaces using a rubbing pad of wool or absorbent cloth.

We work with all our clients to ensure that we’re able to find the most cost-effective solutions for the job at hand and we have years of experience in carrying out planned, reactive and 360 maintenance. 

We are able to tailor our services to suit our clients’ individual brand and trading requirements, ensuring that your business continues to look at its best at all times, with your shop trading no matter what.

We have some highly knowledgeable retail specialist in-house engineers on hand to help you regardless of what maintenance issues you’re faced with and we pride ourselves on maintaining a tried and trusted network of specialist suppliers, so you know we’ve got all your bases covered.

If you’d like to find out more about any of our services, get in touch with the friendly and experienced team today. We work with small independent retailers, department stores, regional chains and international brands, so no matter what you need, we’re here to help.