Damp Proofing

Commercial damp proofing is essential for retail businesses and brands of all kinds, ensuring that you never have to suffer with damp – and ensuring that you can continue to impress your customers and clients with your beautiful and hygienic business premises.

Damp proofing treatments work by creating a barrier that prevents moisture from penetrating your walls and causing damage. There are various treatments you can opt for, depending on which one is most appropriate for you and your site, including damp proof courses, damp proof membranes, damp proof paint, internal waterproofing and so on.

It’s essential that the work carried out is done correctly and to a professional standard. If the work is not fit for purpose, it can lead to unnecessary and expensive repairs later down the line. 

However, the team here at 0-Two Maintenance are fully qualified, well trained and highly experienced when it comes to damp proofing and are able to offer all our clients accurate, safe and effective damp proofing services nationwide.

We offer our clients a no obligation initial survey that can help identify just what the problem is, looking for signs and symptoms to work out the cause and the kind of damp you may have. We can then go through your options to help you work out which treatment plan is best for you and your site.

Of course, prevention is better than cure when it comes to retail maintenance, however, and you can stop damp from becoming a problem in the first instance by factoring in your damp proofing from the start. Waiting until an issue rears its head can be an expensive way of going about it, after all.


That being said, it can be useful to familiarise yourself with the common signs of a damp problem so you can take action if an issue does manifest itself in the future.


Peeling wallpaper, tidemarks on the walls, black mould, discoloured patches on the walls and bubbles appearing in the plaster and paint are all indications that there may be something untoward going on. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the ceiling either, as signs may appear overhead, as well.


There are all sorts of causes of damp problems in buildings, everything from structural concerns to the plumbing, but one of our professional damp surveying technicians will be able to find the source and then advise you as to the best course of action.


If you leave damp problems without treatment and they’re allowed to develop over time, they can cause serious damage to the property – and can prove very expensive indeed to repair. For help with preventative maintenance where damp proofing is concerned, get in touch with the team here at 0-Two Maintenance today to find out more.