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Health & Safety

We help our Brands provide a safe environment for staff and customers, complying with health and safety legislation can be onerous – Our service efficiently ensures that stores remain compliant in an unobtrusive but accountable way.



Ø-two clients can rest assured that we are continually safe-guarding their Health & Safety issues on their behalf. We ensure that all our contractors comply with our stringent health & safety guidelines and ‘Safe Contractor’ membership requirements.

For a copy of our policy please e-mail enquires@0twomaintenance.co.uk


Our contractors are tried and tested and are up to date with the correct health and safety legislation, insurances and risk assessments. If you want to be a contractor for Ø-two Maintenance, please submit the form below with your details and compliance information.


Sub-Contractor Assessment form

General Information

Contact Details


Please provide information on your insurances and upload the relevant certificate

Employers Liability:

(Please upload relevant certificate)

Public Liability:

(Please upload relevant certificate)

Professional Indemnity:

(Please upload relevant certificate)

Health and Safety

Director with H&S responsibility: please provide the details of the person responsible for H&S within your organisation.

Please provide details of all HSE reportable accidents for the last three years

If 'Yes', please upload information relating to reports

Do you have generic risk and method statements?

If 'Yes', please supply copies with this form

Sub Contractors

Does your organisation sub let any of its operations


If 'Yes', please provide a copy of your formal procedures for assessing the sub contractor's competency

Before any person is allowed to work on any project it will be necessary for the employer or self employed person to provide copies of any certificates in relation to any trade qualification as proof that they hold the necessary accreditation and qualification to undertake that particular trade. No person will be allowed to operate any equipment, erect any scaffold or change any abrasive or straight sided cutting off wheels until they have produced evidence that shows they have received the necessary information, instruction and training. These will need to be shown following the induction process.